Faith Formation Advisory Committee

When We Meet:  The third Tuesday of the month.

What We Do:  Plan and implement Faith Formation programs and support the Faith Formation Goals of our parish.

Goal:  Nurture lifelong faith formation.
Objective 1: Provide our adults with opportunities, platforms and programs to deepen and share their faith with their children and other while building the domestic church.
Objective 2: Empower our young adults with a foundational knowledge and love of their Catholic faith so they will be strengthened and inspired to live and continue to grow in their faith.
Objective 3: Nurture our children and youth in building a relationship with Jesus within a Catholic Faith Community.

Faith Formation Advisory Committee Members:

  • Michelle Crystal - Chair
  • Ed Anderson- RCIA
  • Brenda Anderson - RCIA
  • Mike Downey
  • Katie Pitzen
  • Meredith Tapken
  • Dana Meier-Adult Faith Committee Liason
  • Erin Mershman – Youth Minister
  • Stephanie Howard – Director Faith Formation

Planned Events/Activities: