At Home Resources

At Home Resources

Welcome to the new resource page for parents and catechists.

The mission of St. John's is...

Love God, Love Neighbor, Share the Gospel and Build the Kingdom of God.

As you share the Catholic faith in your homes and at church, it is our hope that these resources provide the support you need.

1st-8th grade-you can access the

Weekly Interactive Session Review HERE


There are numerous, free, at-home family resources available, including at-home, parent-led lesson plans.  We understand that interruptions in faith formation due to unanticipated events such as school or parish closures can impact children’s spiritual development as well as their need for stability and consistency.

Finding God resources can help children stay engaged in their faith journey, providing valuable learning experiences and continuity in Christ during this challenging time. 

Parents can always access at-home resources at 

  • At-Home Editions: These guides allow parents to conduct catechesis with their children in the home. For families with children in multiple grades using Finding God, utilize this Parent Quick Guide.
  • Interactive Session Reviews: Session reviews allow children, parents, and instructors to gauge learning objectives. Results can be emailed to a teacher or catechist along with student questions.  
  • Study Guides: Single page study guides outline important faith topics in each session. 
  • Raising Faith-Filled Kids: For parents who may not have the time or confidence to teach a full lesson, this resource provides background on the session and encourages parents to discuss faith topics with their children. 
  • Fishers of Faith: At the end of all sessions there is also an optional Unit Review called Fishers of Faith that you can also click on and have students test their knowledge in a fun way – 1 to 4 players
  • YouTube correlations: Parents can enhance every lesson with a media selection. Look Here.  —please see disclaimer printed on the document.


Sunday Connection

Prepare your family to receive and respond to the Word of God.

Loyola Press resources for this Sunday.

Here are some tips for reading Scripture with your family.

Companions on the Journey of Faith

The Environment of the Domestic Church and prayerful considerations

Prayer Spaces

Prayer Cards

Enthronement of the Bible

The Gift of Silence

Liturgical Year Resources

Saint Stories

Catechist Pages