Memorial Garden for the Unborn

Jeremiah 1:5 says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I dedicated you.”

This powerful verse acknowledges God’s hand in creating all life.  There are many parents who have lost a child before they were born. If you have not personally experienced that, we are guessing you know someone who has. Loved ones still mourn their loss even though these children may not have been named or have a physical resting place. This is no fault of the parents as there is rarely any guidance in these situations.

PLEASE COME VISIT US!!!   St. John’s would like to invite you and anyone you know who may benefit from a visit to our Memorial for the Unborn garden.  St John’s Respect Life committee had a vision for a memorial for children lost while still in the womb… children we were never able to hold in our arms as well as those held for too short a time.  A sincere thank you to all who have helped with making this vision become a reality.  This could not have been completed without the help of many, and it is obvious God’s hand has been in this project from the beginning.

The garden is located to the north of the church behind the parking lot and just to the north of the Mary Garden.  A rosary walking path has been added around the Mary garden, and an arbor was placed at the entry to the gardens.  We hope that all will take advantage of these beautiful gardens.  The memorial is much more than a monument to look at. It is a place for family and loved ones to visit, to mourn, to remember… A place for everyone to be able to pray for all children lost too soon. The memorial has a rock garden to place memorial stones for remembering individual souls.  Family members can take and place the stones in the rock garden to remember their child(ren). The stones can be engraved or decorated as they wish and returned to the garden. We believe that all God’s children are with Jesus in heaven, but our hope is to provide an avenue to name the child as well as a place of healing for the loved ones still here on earth.

If you have questions, please call Chris Oberreuter at 515-707-0444, Jeanne O’Connor at 515-343-7208, or the parish office. We truly hope you will enjoy the gardens of St. John’s.

Many blessings, The St. John’s Respect Life Committee

In Remembrance

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