This Week on FORMED (Nov. 28):

Discover what's on FORMED to accompany you during the weekly liturgical calendar.  Join Taylor and Ben each week as they walk you through amazing content on FORMED!  This Week they share content for the Advent season.  Check it out!

Highlight of the Week:   

Do you want to reclaim the joyful hope at the heart of ADVENT?  Each week we will highlight a short video for you to watch on that is part of the ADORE collection.   

This week join Fr. John Burns as he journeys deeper into the theme for week one: watchfulness.  You can watch it at

You will need to sign in.  If you don't have FORMED, it's not too late.  Please see the instructions at the bottom of this post on how to subscribe for FREE.  

Reflection Question:
This weeks theme is WATCHFULNESS.  Being watchful means noticing and being alert to live in the present moment so we can recognize the Lord when he appears in our lives.   Where have you seen Christ at work this week? 

Heavenly Father, give us hearts that are ever watchful for your Son's arrival.  May we be prepared to welcome him into every aspect of our lives, constantly aware of his nearness, and eager to grow into closer union with Him.  Amen.  

We are excited to inform you that St. John's has a subscription to  It is the Catholic faith on demand.  FORMED is a premier on-line platform filled with over 4,000 titles.  Discover the beauty of our faith with studies, movies, cartoons, ebooks, talks, documentaries...there is something for every member of your family and it is FREE for our parishioners.  

To subscribe to FORMED, follow these simple steps:

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After you sign up, you can download the FORMED App by searching "FORMED Catholic" in your app store.  It is available on almost any device. 

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