Pastoral Council

When We Meet:  The second Thursday of the month.

What We Do:  The St. John’s Pastoral Council, together with the Pastor, directs Parish life and Pastoral activity and expands and improves the decision-making process through planning and goal setting, developing and implementing Pastoral programs, and evaluating Pastoral effectiveness.

Community Goal:  To promote the renewal of Christian life within the Parish.

Pastoral Council Members Term End Serves as Liaison to
Father Remi Okere    
Jodi Benetti - Recorder 2021/2024 Works of Mercy Committee / Respect Life Committee
Andrew Schreck - Vice President 2021/2024 Safety Committee
Jean West - President 2022/2025 Finance Council
Pat Finnegan 2023/2026 Faith Formation Advisory Committee
Michael Wright 2025/2028 Worship and Spirituality Committee
Grace Pettit 2025/2028 Fellowship Committee

Strategic Plan

St. John's Strategic Plan 9/2020