Worship & Spirituality

The mission of St. John’s parish is to prepare the way of the Lord by connecting people to Jesus and one another.  The Worship and Spirituality Committee meets the first Thursday of the month. Members collaborate to fullfill the Worship and Spirituality Goals of our parish.

Worship and Spirituality Goal: Members of the parish will be catechized and formed more fully in our sacramental and liturgical tradition

Objective 1: To provide ongoing formation for all Liturgical Ministry roles

Objective 2: To formalize and enrich our sacramental preparation programs

Objective 3: To enhance the weekend liturgical experience

Objective 4: To provide a variety of spiritual experiences

Committee Members:

Mike Cooper-Chair/Contact person
Audra Warmuth - Decor contact
Mary Sue Hibbs - Recorder
Lisa Hopp
Karla Jones
Jan Mallberg
Pat Steele
Tracey Amano
Fr. Remi Okere