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St. John's Strategic Plan is now available

A little over a year ago, we embarked on our 5-year strategic planning process to help guide St. John’s into the future. Members of the parish council, committee members, and Fr. Remi united to revisit our St. John’s Mission, Vision, and Goals.

Last fall, surveys were sent out to all of our parishioners via email, by hand, and through in-person meetings. The responses from these surveys were gathered, reviewed, and organized by the strategic planning team. Common themes, successes, and concerns were compiled and brought to our committees to further discern the survey responses. Throughout the spring and summer, each committee has graciously worked to develop goals, objectives, and strategies to respond to these survey results. On behalf of the strategic planning team, we are happy to share the results of this work!

St. John's Strategic Plan

St. John's Council Members