Building Update

Thank you to everyone who has so generously supported our building project to date! 

The Parish Pastoral Council and the Finance Committee have discussed the issue of when to begin work on Phase 3 of the building project.  As a quick review, Phase 1 was the purchase of an additional 10 acres. Phase 2 was the addition of the new parish hall, educational center, and offices. Phase 3 is remodeling the original building to include updating the sanctuary and adding additional seating.

We are greatly appreciative of all those who have pledged and given money to the building project!  In particular, we want to thank those individuals who have met their pledge for phase 2 and continue to give.  We encourage new members of the parish to join us in making regular contributions to the building fund. At this point, we are debt free! But we will need to have 50% of the cost of any major improvements in savings before we can begin phase 3.

Envelopes to contribute to building fund savings are available in the church entry or give online through WeShare!