Family Resources

Family Resources

Welcome to the Family Resource Page.  It is the mission of St. John’s Parish to prepare the way of the Lord by connecting people to Jesus and one another.  The following resources are to help support your family’s faith journey.




What Prayers should my child know?  This is a question frequently asked by parents.  Catechist work with children in the classroom and you can work at home too. Children are able to practice specific prayers and teachings of the Church. They should be able to recite each at the end of their grade level.  By the end of each grade band, children should be familiar with all prayers.

K-2 Prayers

Kindergarten: Sign of the Cross, Blessing before meals, Our Father, The Golden Rule

First Grade: Hail Mary, Glory Be, Angel of God, The Two Great Commandments

Second Grade:  Act of Contrition

3-5 Prayers    (in addition to prayers listed above)

Third Grade:  Parts of the Mass, The Ten Commandments

Fourth Grade: Order of the Mass, The Beatitudes, The Seven Sacraments

Fifth Grade: Rosary, Hail Holy Queen

6-8 Prayers   (in addition to prayers listed above)

Sixth Grade: The Apostles’ Creed

Seventh Grade: Prayer to the Holy Spirit, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Corporal Works of Mercy

Eighth Grade: Spiritual Works of Mercy, Precepts of the Church, Stations of the Cross