Building Project

Thank you to the building committee, the funding committee, and to everyone who has so generously supported this project to date! 

The Parish Pastoral Council and the Finance Committee have discussed the issue of when to begin work on Phase 3 of the building project.  As a quick review, Phase 1 was the purchase of additional land, and Phase 2 was the addition of the new parish hall and educational center.  Phase 3 is updating the original building and “turning the church” with the altar being moved to the west side of the church to allow for additional seating. After discussion it has been decided to focus on paying down the Phase 2 debt before beginning phase 3.  In 2018 we again will review the building plan and see where we are financially to determine when to begin the next phase

We are greatly appreciative of all those who have pledged and given money to the building project!  In particular we want to laud those individuals who have met their pledge but continue to give.  The quicker we can reduce the debt the sooner we can begin Phase 3.  We would also encourage new members of the parish to join us in making contributions to the building fund. The principal balance on the $2.2 million building addition is down to $164,646!

Pat Steele, President, Parish Pastoral Council

Building fund envelopes to help pay down the debt are available in the church entry or give online here